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Many would agree that it is the HARDEST job in the world.. being a mom. No breaks, no down time, on call 100% of the time, learning as you go, etc. Not to mention that most of the time, your "boss" does not appreciate or understand your efforts. Nothing can prepare you for motherhood.. no books, no blogs, no words of advice can prepare you for the exhaustion, beautiful chaos, and intense love that is motherhood.

Ever since Bodhi was born I have kept a list of things I found amusing about motherhood. Most of these remarks were written while I was on maternity leave with him, but I have also added a few since he has entered toddlerhood.


To all the moms out there.. this is for you. 


Scarfing down cold food

Re-heating your coffee for the fifth.. or tenth time 

Trying to decide if you should sleep when baby sleeps or fold the laundry or just veg out with some shows

Kissing boo boos

Saying "no" ... A lot.

Realizing that babies have their own agenda

Holding your pee

Taking one hour to get out the door 

Being a ninja when they FINALLY fall asleep

Realizing that YOU are superwoman.. 

Forcing smiles when all you want to do is have a meltdown

Laughing at what you thought maternity leave would be like 

Feeling your heart break and melt at the same time 

All the coffee..

Letting go of who you used to be

Realizing that book shelves are overrated

Staring at how many beauty products you USED to use 

Rocking your new mom-do.. whatever that may be

Loving your new mom bod because it created and sustained LIFE

Realizing your past is coming back to haunt you.. like that one time you judged a mom with a screaming toddler at the store (why can't they control their child?! LOL) 

Cooking a nutritious meal that your boss throws on the floor


Having a tiny person follow you around the house and undo all of your cleaning..

Dressing your kid in Baby Gap.. whilst you wear sweatpants.. and haven't bought new clothes since who knows when

Counting down to bedtime but then staring at them while they sleep



A Very Happy Mother's day to my friends, family, and clients.. and especially to my mom, who is always there for me.

A few of my favorite motherhood moments..

Love and Light,