Preserving Memories of your Children With Photographs

I was ordering prints yesterday.. And as I was looking through all of our photos, it made me feel so reminiscent.. and then I felt lucky that I had all of these snap shots of our son's life. Preserved memories of his life (and ours) in that moment.

On this day pictured below, we have a just-turned-two year old without a care in the world. He was running ahead of me along the trail, smiling back to make sure I was still there, and then picking flowers in just the right light when I snapped this photo. 


I have realized that photography is like my personal weapon against time.. to freeze it, hold it, look back on it.. contain it. I so fiercely want time to slow down some times.. especially as a mom. Time is bittersweet. You know they say, "The days are long but the years are short." And it is so true. 

I also came across this poem that I thought was fitting for this photo and honestly just pulled on my momma heart strings.. Pretty soon we will find out if we are having another boy or maybe a girl. Either way I will be elated, but there is something about being a boy mom that I love.. so I'll hold onto it a bit longer. 

"A baby boy was created
by the hand of God above
to give the world the sweetest touch
of tenderness and love.

With the softness of a whisper,
God made a baby's skin
and then designed two trusting eyes
to put the starlight in.

With giggles from a waterfall
and breezes passing by,
God made a baby's laughter
and a tiny, sleepy sigh.

God made the world a precious gift
more dear and pure than gold,
with little toes to play with
and tiny hands to hold
then brought into the sunshine
a precious baby boy
All wrapped up in a rainbow
of wonder, hope, and joy."

-Unknown Author

Sunset Family Pictures at Gahanna Woods Nature Preserve

Sometimes sunny winter days are hard to come by in Ohio so when I saw the sun shining this day, I was so thrilled! The people in these photos are very special to me as they are family and I am always so flattered when friends and family ask me to take pictures for them. Starting and running a business can be difficult, especially as a parent so I am always very thankful when I receive support like this.

The sunlight plus perfectly coordinated outfits made these family pictures a breeze. We had a lot of fun playing and laughing with the kids. If you follow my work, you know that I specialize in sunrise and sunset sessions. The best thing about winter and spring (well, for my sessions) is that the sun goes down early so it is perfect for children with early bedtimes. 

Often times, during a photo session, I know as soon as I push the shutter which photos are going to be my favorites and wall-worthy. This happened too many times to count for this family so they received a huge amount of images in their gallery. It was so hard for me to not share them all in this blog post, especially because they are my niece and nephew!

Enjoy these super cute photos and please don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!


Bringing Baby Emmy Home | Columbus Ohio Newborn Photography

It was such an honor to meet this new little girl and her sweet, adorable family. Their bright, new home was the perfect location for a photos and we had lots of fun getting these little ones to sit together! I am such a sucker for sibling photos when there is a new baby!