Lifestyle Photographer Columbus Ohio | Mommy and Me Session

This adorable little girl and her gorgeous momma were such a pleasure to work with. We captured some amazing moments just before sunset at the park. Her momma even trekked across some rocks to get to the middle of the creek for some beautiful breastfeeding photos!

I cannot wait to do more Mommy and Me Sessions!

Look for more information on these sessions soon!

Love and Light, 


Lifestyle Photographer Columbus Ohio | Sunset Family Session

I was SO excited when this family asked me to do a session for them back in my home town. Michelle and I are photography buddies and she also happens to be my former English teacher from High School! She found the PERFECT location.. (seriously I wish I could un-earth this field full of wildflowers and move it down to Columbus) and we started shooting right before sunset. 

This family is amazing, adorable, and just the nicest. I am so fortunate that I was able to work with them and capture all of these amazing moments.

The cherry on top: When their son told his mom this was the most fun he'd ever had at a photoshoot (heart melted)!

Thank you so much, Michelle and family for being so great! 

Love and Light, 


Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Columbus Ohio | Baby M

There is nothing sweeter than capturing siblings interacting with their new baby brother or sister.

Capturing real moments between family members is what my photography is all about. Something I love about photographing kids and babies is that you don't have to give them much direction to get great moments! They are just enjoying being themselves! 

Thank you so much again to my dear friends for having me there to capture these special slices of time! And congratulations again on your newest addition!

365 Project - July | Lifestyle Photographer Columbus Ohio

I feel like I just finished blogging the month of June. I cannot believe how quickly July went by. It was a fun and crazy month at our house. Lots of grilling out, watermelon, corn on the cob, and a visit to my hometown in Northwest Ohio to see my family. It's safe to say that we are making the most of summer!