Style Guide - What to wear


Avoid: greens, fluorescents, bright whites (ivory/cream is ok). These colors do not photograph well.

Also avoid shirts with logos (golf shirts are nice but the logo will stick out in photos like a sore thumb and make the images much less timeless)

Layers & Accessories

Beautiful hats, jewelry, floral crowns, scarves, vests, jackets. These items all add interest, personality, and texture to your images and make them unique. 

Do Not Match.

You want to wear patterns and colors that compliment each other and give your family a cohesive look, but you do not want everyone wearing the same color or pattern. Half of the family in patterns and half in solid colors is a great rule of thumb. If you find a dress you love that has a pattern, for example, try to pull colors from that pattern for others in your family. It's kind of like decorating a house ;) 

Maxi Dresses

I. love. maxi. dresses. Not just for myself, but on women that I photograph. They are so flattering on everyone and those long skirts create a beautiful backdrop for your kids to be cuddled up against. If it has a little twirl, even better. You cannot go wrong with a maxi dress. Since *usually* it's the mothers coordinating outfits, I say find one you love and then build everyone else's outfits from there


Shoes are usually a huge part of outfit planning. However, in photographs, you do not see shoes too much unless we are at a downtown/urban area for your session. Please don't show up in tennis shoes, but please don't worry if you don't get to buy a brand new pair of dress shoes for your images. If we are going to a grassy or green location, please do not wear high heels. Flats or wedges are a better option so you don't get stuck in the mud :)


Follow similar rules for your children when it comes to putting outfits together. You also want to make sure their clothes fit well (it will show in pictures if they are drowning in their new dress or shirt :) ) It is also ok and recommended to allow your children to bring a special accessory or lovey/comfort item. This helps them to feel more comfortable and excited about the session and makes for adorable images. 

A few more things...

These are all guidelines to help you in wardrobe decisions. I want you to be comfortable in and LOVE what you wear for your session.. 

Some of my favorite shops:


Altar'd State

Free People





Need Inspiration? Visit my Style Guide Pinterest Boards for families and for maternity sessions.

Please text or email me pictures if you need advice or help making wardrobe decisions! I love to help.