Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Columbus Ohio

Lifestyle Photographer Columbus Ohio | Newborn Session - Cason

I absolutely loved seeing Cason and his family again for their in-home newborn session! This baby boy was so sweet and perfect for his photos! And his four-legged sister loves him SO much.. it was so cute to see them together. 

At the end of the session, I asked if there was anything else I could do for them and Casey (dad) asked me if I could take a picture of Cason and the tattoo on Anglea's (mom's) back. I said absolutely! And he said it was in remembrance of her older brother who had passed away as a child. Cason's middle name is after him. Realizing how important this photo was, I knew it had to be perfect. We found a beautiful spot outside and posed Cason over Angela's shoulder to include the tattoo in the photo. As I took the last couple of shots, a breeze came out of nowhere and blew through Angela's hair. I said to them, "Did you notice that breeze? He is definitely here.."  It was definitely a special moment and I was so honored and happy that I was able to capture it for them. Doing things like that for my clients reminds me why I am in this business. 

Cason you are so loved! Welcome to the world baby boy!