father and son

Columbus Ohio Photographer | Family Session | Carmichael + Bodhi

As today is the last day of summer, I find myself extra nostalgic and emotional.. seeing some yellow and red leaves sprinkled here and there makes me a tiny bit sad. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE fall.. but the fact that summer is over is bittersweet. It was our first summer with our son.. and my first summer home with him. We had our awesome days and our not-so-awesome days, but all in all, it was full of beautiful memories. 

This past weekend, we decided to go on a family walk at Inniswood Botanical Gardens. I brought my camera along "just in case" as I usually do and I guess you could say that our "walk" turned into a full on photo shoot.. oops :)

The early morning light was too beautiful to NOT take pictures of my husband and my son. Thankfully, my husband played along and posed without moaning and groaning (let's face it.. most guys do not like their picture taken..) And our little guy even looked at the camera! He is notorious for not looking at me at all costs when I have a camera.. so I was pleasantly surprised! 

The connection Carmichael and Bodhi have really comes through in these pictures.. they love to be goofy and silly together. Bodhi is more of a momma's boy but he sure does light up with excitement when his dad comes home from work! And when Bodhi was a baby, I could NEVER get him to laugh or giggle.. it was always Carmichael. Their relationship is so special and I love watching them interact.

During our walk, we went to a place at the park called Granny's House. It is an adorable space for kids to play in and Bodhi loved the murals on the walls. 

I hope everyone had an AMAZING summer.. I am looking forward to fall and the holiday season!