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Fresh 48 Newborn Session | Myah

This sweet girl almost slept through her entire Fresh 48 session.. isn’t she precious? Those tiny baby feet get me every. single. time. Her older sister was one of my first fresh 48 sessions and it feels like that was just yesterday!

It was so amazing to be there during her first two days of life and capture all the tiny baby details. The emotion and energy in the room was so loving and uplifting. Myah’s parents and grandmother where so in awe of her it was just amazing to witness.

I am so blessed to do this work.

Fresh 48 Columbus Ohio | Juniper Jade

I am so excited my newest niece is here! And I am pretty sure she wins the coolest and prettiest name award! 

She is so sweet and adorable and I can't wait to see her grow up with her cousins. I grew up with cousins that I was close with and so did my husband. It makes us SO happy that there are now four little ones in our family that are 3 years old and under! Our family get togethers are a blast and are about to become even more fun after this year! And who would have thought that in a family of mostly boys, the next generation would have a girl majority so far (counting our little one on the way). 

A BIG congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law and welcome Earthside, baby Juniper! 

My 3 Favorite Things about Fresh 48 Sessions | Lifestyle Photographer Columbus Ohio


1. Family members interacting with baby

Is there anything sweeter than seeing a dad hold their new baby? These photos always get me. And siblings meeting their new baby brother or sister?! The best. I have been able to document these moments and nothing compares.


2. Tiny newborn feet

Here is the thing about Fresh 48 sessions.. they are FRESH! Your sweet baby has all these details that will change quickly over their first few days of life.. their wrinkled feet, cute squishy face, the way their hair is swirled, their umbilical cord or stump! I could go on and on.. we hear it all the time that these details are important to document because they are.


3. The love and excitement in the room

When I walk into a hospital room to document a fresh 48 session, I always notice so many emotions in the room. I can FEEL the love and excitement surrounding this new life. I am seeing people really in the moment and at the mercy of their emotions. Documenting real moments and emotions are the most precious photos to me. Yes, I still do a little posing with my clients, but the in between moments and candid photos are always my favorites and will likely be my client's favorites when they look back at their photos a few years from now.

Fresh 48 sessions are my favorite for a reason.. well, lots of reasons.. a baby being born is a lot like a wedding day! Why on earth wouldn't you hire a photographer to document this once-in-a-lifetime event? 


I am SO excited to announce that I am now opening my fall and winter calendar for fresh 48 sessions! I will only be taking 3 clients (according to due dates) each month From October to December. This allows me to ensure I can be there for each client when baby arrives.

My pricing for these sessions is $375 and includes 40 digital images

For more information or to reserve your session, please contact me. I would love to hear from you!


Love and Light,


Lifestyle Photographer Columbus Ohio | Fresh 48 Session - Edwin

Those first couple of days.. do you remember what they were like? Every time I am editing a fresh 48 session, I get a bit emotional. Even though these aren't MY babies, I can still remember the way it felt to discover this profound love in this tiny little person.

The exhaustion, the hip/back/lady region/basically ALL OVER pain, counting wet diapers, wearing a diaper yourself, getting a good latch, learning how to hold their bobbly little head, nurses checking on you, newborn cries, postpartum hormone changes.. there are so many hard things about those first couple of days. 

When my clients look at their photos, I hope all that they remember are those little newborn details.. their tiny wrinkled feet, adorable little face, and the way their heart felt when they first met their baby.

Welcome to the world, little Edwin! You are SO adorable and SO loved.