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Photograph your "EVERYDAY"

What means the most to you? What happens in your daily life that you will want to remember when the kids are all grown up? Photograph it!

The photos you take of your every day lifestyle (even if it seems mundane) are the ones you will TREASURE the most in the years to come. Would you rather have perfectly posed photos of your family in clothes they never wear? OR would you rather have a picture of your child reading their favorite book? Or having a tickle fight with Dad? 

The other day, I was trying to imagine the interior of the old house I grew up in to see how well I could remember it. I am so blessed because I have TONS of "everyday" pictures of my childhood in that old house. These photos bring back memories of 90's fashion, the awesome music, childhood friends, the decor in our house, the toys we played with, the food we ate, all of the elements that made up our environment. 

These photos are some of my favorites because they capture how I remember my childhood. I adore and treasure them.

When you take photos of someone in their true environment, it is like freezing a slice of history. Most of our memories happen in this environment that we call HOME.. so why not take pictures there? How special would those pictures be to you in 20, 30, or even 40 years? How special would it be to show your grandchildren and great grandchildren?  

Documenting families in their environments is something I truly believe in. Sure, posed portraits are nice, but there is something extra special and memorable about catching real moments. Let me do this for you and get everyone in the picture!

Have I convinced you yet that in-home family photos are what you NEED?! Your life IS art.. have it documented! 

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