Columbus Ohio Photographer | Sunset Family Session | Lolo + Lola

As a photographer, I now see light in a whole different way. I see how it falls on faces, when it is soft and when it is harsh. I can see the colors of light change as the sun disappears. A lot of times, I will ask my husband at the last minute if we can go to the park for pictures because I can tell we will have a pretty sunset or the light outside is perfect. I have to say, the spouses (and families) of photographers are SAINTS. He knows I have to work long hours often after our son has gone to bed, drops everything and packs up to head to the park if I ask him, and listens to creative ideas that pop into my head about my art and my business.. I would not be where I am today without his constant support! 

With the slow season for my business coming to an end, I knew I wanted to photograph our son with his grandparents (Lolo and Lola) soon. When I saw the sun this day, we made another one of our last-minute photo shoots happen and headed to the park. 

I really enjoy shooting at sunset. I love the softness and warm glow that the sun gives. It creates a dreamy, dramatic look and really speaks to my artist's heart. Candid shots and slightly posed portraits (it's hard to pose a toddler that just wants to run!) make up most of the photo shoots that I do. I prefer capturing real moments and interactions and almost never ask my clients (or family) to look at the camera. I want them to interact as if I am not there.. those are the best photos. 

I am so happy I was able to get these special photos for our family! I hope you all enjoy them and be on the look out for my upcoming client sessions on the blog soon!

Love and Light,