Columbus, Ohio Photographer | Maternity Photography - Kathleen

Kathleen is a very special friend of mine that I met several years ago in the corporate world. I cannot tell you how many times this girl was there for me when I needed her (and a break from my cubicle)! We have come a long way since the day we first met..both getting married, progressing in our careers, and now parenthood! 

EV7_3040-Edit-Edit copy.jpg

Throughout the morning, her husband, Kiel, was a total sweetheart to her and was treating her like a princess (like a true gentleman :)) Pregnancy can be physically and emotionally rough.. so I was very happy to see Kathleen get pampered and looking so beautiful!

Can we say.. stunning?!

Maternity sessions are the mom's time to shine, relax, and enjoy the beautiful side of pregnancy! I really love showing moms how beautiful they are through their photos!


It is also so nice to have these last few photos of just the two of you. You may soon look back at these pictures in awe because you did not know just yet how much love was about to come into your lives and change you forever. 


Kathleen and Kiel, I am so excited for you to become a family of three! You are going to be AMAZING parents!