Columbus, Ohio Photographer | Fresh 48 - Holden

For new parents, the first day or two after your baby is born can be pretty hectic! At the hospital, there are many people in and out of your room at all hours of the day, checking mom, checking baby, people taking lunch orders, lactation consultants, family, friends, it seems never ending! 


You may think the last thing you would want is ONE more person coming to see you during all this chaos. Let me tell you, that if it is a photographer, then you DO want one more visit. 

A fresh 48 session is done shortly after baby is born (typically within 48 hours, hence the name) and captures the fresh, sweet newness of this little human you just created! 

Trust me, they will NEVER look the way they do in the first few days ever again. Their wrinkly hands and feet, squished face, long newborn nails, newborn hair—it will all change so quickly that it will soon be a memory.

So many introductions happen during those first few days, too. Don’t you wish you had pictures of your daughter’s face the first time she sees her baby brother? It is so so special and that first look will never. happen. again. 

I had the honor of taking fresh 48 photos for Morgan and her family this week, and the experience took my breath away. I could not believe I was witnessing all of these beautiful moments through my camera lens. It was a wonderful experience to create these lasting images for this family. 

The first 48 hours go by so quickly, don’t let them be a blur :)